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About Us

The B.C. Entertainment Group, Inc., located in Orlando, Florida, was founded in 1988 by Bob Cook.  The company's first Feature Film was Rock-a-Die Baby, which screened at the 1989 Cannes Film Festival.  It starred Dick Sargent, Marilyn Hassett and Glenn Morshower.

Bob has been producing, directing and writing in the film and television industry for over thirty-five years. He began writing and directing in New York for Cable Television and soon landed a staff job with Viacom.


Bob headed west in 1985 where he worked with renowned director Paul Leder. After teaming with Paul for several features, he branched out and began producing, directing and writing for the screen on his own.

A seasoned director, producer and writer, Bob's experiences bring a definite quality and confidence to a motion picture. In 2006, he completed the feature "Storm of the Dead".  More recent films include, "Injun," "Desperate Waters", "Nearly Departed" and "Scream Test".

Bob is also the author of the acting book "Acting for Idiots" and was the Executive Director of the Central Florida Film Festival from 2006-2018.

Current projects in development include "Covid-2021", "Pandemic Invasion", "Hell's Island", and "My Type".

In addition, Bob attends various Modeling & Talent conventions as well as runs an Online Acting Series.


“We don't make movies to make money,

         we make money to make more movies.”

– Walt Disney

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