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Young Ana deals with tragedy and plots revenge, after her family is murdered by a pack of cut-throat ex-cons.
Storm of the Dead
Sea Legs
The B.C. Entertainment Group Film Projects
The Florida Militia kills a looter during a major hurricane. The looter's grandmother turns is a Voodoo Queen who seeks revenge.
What the Love Boat couldn't show…
Johnny has an unusual business. He videotapes people in the privacy of their own home and sells it on the Internet as pornography.  He's murdered and his sister, a Detective, is trying to find out who.
The Evans' family vacation becomes a nightmare when a gang of cut-throats raid their trailer and camp site.
Through a deadly rip in the ozone, a blazing sun sears the dying Amazon jungle - but it's the Lycanthrope that's ripping the flesh off a luckless group of scientists at a remote outpost.
High quality and 100% completion. Our film projects finish production on time and within budget.
Storm of the Dead Trailer Link
This is a sampling of our company's most recent film projects.

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